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Rosalynd Bimm

The Face Behind Compass Equestrian

Rosalynd Bimm is the face behind Compass Equestrian. Rosalynd brings with her 18+ years of riding/coaching experience. Rosalynd’s training began in Ottawa, Ontario with extensive European training taking place within the GTA for 10 of those years. Rosalynd has focused her personal studies and skill development on dressage, hunter/jumper as well as young horse development training. Rosalynd has enjoyed a successful career in the jumper ring and continues to pursue her own training and showing with some of the best in the industry.

Horse & Rider

Winning Combinations

Rosalynd has a set of philosophies that unite the best of all worlds and has melded them into a winning combination. Rosalynd takes the time to get to know your horse, on the ground and in saddle before creating a coaching and training plan for you. Rosalynd believes that one single method cannot be applied to each horse and each rider. Not unlike humans, all horses learn at different paces and in different ways and by utilizing Rosalynd’s philosophy, each horse and rider will be taught in a way that is most conducive to combined success.

The Show Circuit

Courage | Confidence | Character

Compass Equestrian pursues several A circuit shows throughout the season and offers a selection of Trillium shows for training purposes and affordability. We are here to organize the process so you can worry about what matters most. Being centrally located to most of Ontario’s top rated shows allows us the freedom to ship for a day or stay the week while still being close to home. Please work with Rosalynd to plan showing options best suited for you and your horse.

Investing in Sport Horse Development

A Passion for Horses… and Business

We are always looking for the next opportunity to work with horse owners to develop talented horses for the show ring. It takes a team of people to create the winning combination and we are always on the look out for the right people! Please inquire with Rosalynd about an opportunity to work together.

Roz Bimm Compass Equestrian Investment Horses

Young Horse Development

It’s the Journey that Matters

Rosalynd is most known for her Young Horse Development work. She specializes in raising young horses and starting them from the very begin with slow, consistent work incorporating sessions in and outside the ring. A solid background in their dressage work is paramount. This training so nicely transfers over to the jumper ring as the horse matures physically and moves softly into the bit and off the leg. Rosalynd can provide you the flexibility as well as the peace of mind regardless of your personal goals. By combining her skills as a coach, trainer and rider, your equine partner will be set up for success regardless of whether your goals are for personal pleasure and riding enjoyment or if your goals are set to compete at the highest of levels.

All Ages & Stages

Something for All Horse Enthusiasts!

Rosalynd coaches a varying age range of people from young riders to adults. For many of Rosalynd’s young riders who want to show, Rosalynd develops them through the ranks at a pace that allows for confidence building while at the same time providing a challenge that requires dedication and hard work to attain. Many of us have taken a break from riding over the years. If you are looking to get back into it, we may have a well suited horse available for part board and we can design a program just for you. Our focus, at any level, starts with the basics of “Centered Riding”. If you have the time and motivation, we can help you reach your goals whether it be in the show ring or for personal development.